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August 10 & 11, Milton ON

This incredible event is taking place August 10th & 11th in Milton, ON.  The location is St. Francis Xavier Highschool 1145 Bronte Road South. 


The cost is $350.00 plus HST 


How to Register:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in or create an account. 

  3. Use the “Studio” log in of your account – This will grant you access to the events DanceBug has to offer. (The Parent/Guardian side is where you can purchase photos/videos and see the schedules of the competitions you’re attending) 

  4. Search Elite Dance Challenge

  5. Scroll down to JumpStart Dance Intensive 

  6. Fill in all of your dancers information. 

  7. Choose Payment Method.  

    1. Credit Card (There is a fee) 

    2. E-transfer to (Put your dancers name in the Notes) 

    3. Cheque made payable to Elite Dance Challenge sent to the following address 424 Woodlawn Cres, Milton, ON L9T4T5



Once you’ve registered you should receive an invoice from DanceBug Support C/o Elite Dance Challenge! 


We will be sending out and posting the final schedule a few weeks prior to the event. 


  • The event will run from 9:00am to 6:00pm 

  • Each Dancer should pack or plan their lunch.

  • Bring lots of WATER and Snacks 

  • Dance Shoes: Jazz Shoes, Sneakers, Turning Shoes/Pirouette Shoes

  • Attire! Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable! This is august and there is air conditioning, but we’ll be getting our summer sweat on! 

  • We accept cash, credit and debit at our merch shop

  • You will be required to bring your signed waiver upon sign in!

  • Observer passes will be $20.00/day or $30.00/2 Days – you MUST have a pass to watch the classes.  This will be monitored for liability and insurance purposes.




  • Technique with Rebecca Davies (Shoes: FootPaws/Undies/Pirouette or Jazz Shoes)

  • Technique with Richard Elszey (Shoes: FootPaws/Undies/Pirouette or Jazz Shoes)

  • Technique with Sophia Lucia (Shoes: Barefoot, FootPaws/Undies/Pirouette or Jazz Shoes)

  • Contemp with Diego Passilas (Shoes: Barefoot, FootPaws/Undies/Pirouette or Jazz Shoes)

  • Lyrical with Shannon Atkins (Shoes: Barefoot, FootPaws/Undies/Pirouette or Jazz Shoes) 

  • Jazz Funk with Kevin Howe (Shoes: Running Shoes/Sneakers)


What to bring: Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, WATER, Lunch and all the shoes! 


We can’t wait to dance with you this summer. Should you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me!  

Location: St. Francis Xavier High School – 1145 Bronte Road South Milton, ON L9T 8B4


Suggested Hotels:

  • Holiday Inn & Suites Milton

  • Homes 2 Suites by Hilton Milton

  • Comfort Inn Milton 


  1. Arrival – You will check in with your Sign-In Desk 

  2. Please bring your signed waiver. 

  3. You will receive your wrist band & Dancer Numbers (one for each day) 

  4. Dancers can enter their class and start warming up! 

  5. Please bring a peanut free lunch, lots of water and maybe some healthy snacks to keep up energy! 

  6. Yoga Mat & Block are helpful tools to bring. 

  7. Observer passes can be purchased at the sign-in desk for $40.00. You have a great in class view from the bleachers. 



  1. What to wear? Any Dance Attire that makes you feel confident, you can move in!  Your favorite convention wear. 

  2. What type of dance shoes should I bring?  You’ll need shoes that you can turn and jump in like jazz shoes, turners or foot paws). We recommend a pair of running shoes/sneakers for Jazz Funk.  Then whatever shoes you like to dance jazz, lyrical and contemporary in!

  3. Do I need a yoga block and Mat?  In Rebecca’s classes specifically she does use them in many of her training techniques, and since we’re dancing on a proper dance floor the mat just gives you a little cushioning for stretches!


Did we leave anything out?  Email us with your questions and we’d be happy to assist you! 

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