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Competition Regulations

Everything you need to know! 

A non-refundable deposit of $450.00 will reserve your studio’s spot for any Elite Dance Challenge event. Payment can be made by cheque, money order or e-transfer to


Entries must be completed and submitted in full by January 5th, 2025


By Submitting your Registration, you and your studio are committing to the event in it's entirety and it's responsibilities.  You must provide 90 Days’ Notice prior to the event should you choose to forego your registration.  Your deposit is non-refundable. Any Studios who forgo their registration without 90 Days’ Notice will be responsible to pay their full balance as per the contractual agreement. 


Elite Dance Challenge reserves the right to add/subtract days, move locations or cancel the competition due to unforeseen circumstances. 

​Please note payments must be received 6 Weeks Prior to your Event. There will be a 10% charge on all payments received after this date. 


Payment Options:

  1. Cheque made payable to Elite Dance Challenge (There is a $30.00 NFS fee)

  2. Email Money Transfer to

  3. Certified Cheque or Money Order made payable to Elite Dance Challenge

  4. Credit Card – All credit card payments are subject to 3% processing fee. 


Final Schedule will be withheld until full payment is received. If payment is not received prior to the event the dancers are not permitted to perform.  

​​Elite Dance Challenge will provide:

1 Preliminary Schedule: All Changes/Revisions must be submitted at this time

1 Revised Draft to Proof titles and names

1 Final Schedule

ANY CHANGES  made once the final schedule has been sent will be subject to 

$15.00/Per Revision & will be added your to DanceBug Account. 

All Scheduling requests must be submitted with your registration to be considered.  


Elite Dance Challenge will not accommodate last min requests once the revised schedule has been delivered. This creates conflict and effects the overall quality of the schedule. 

​Elite Dance Challenge reserves the right to cancel any competition if an inadequate number of entries are in place to run the event effiecntly. 

​Elite Dance Challenge will not issue refunds for unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, road closures, or any other extraneous circumstances.  

If a dancer is not able to perform due to medical reasons a doctors note will be required to obtain a refund. Please note any and all refunds will be issued once our 2023 Regional Tour is Complete. There is a 10% administrative fee on all refunds. 

​Elite Dance Challenge will not be responsible for any additional charges incurred by students, teachers, choreographer, or parents while attending any EDC event.

​Registration acknowledges your understanding that participants in dance competitions are subject to risk of injury. Registration acknowledges your acceptance of such risks, releases the director, staff and sponsors of Elite Dance Challenge from any claims for damages, injuries or loss of property while participating at our event.

​By entering Elite Dance Challenge, you are giving the right to use any photographs or videos taken at the event as promotional material.

​To reserve the safety of our dancers and the integrity of choreography, there is not videotaping, or photographing permitted during performances. This will result in disqualification. 

​The venue will open 1 hour prior to competition start time. 


​Dressing rooms will be appointed by the EDC Staff. Please be courteous to all EDC participants and share rehearsal space. Please respect the EDC venue by keeping dressing rooms clean and tossing any trash. Vandalism is not accepted.

Dancers must be prepared to dance 30 mins prior to their scheduled performance time should EDC be running ahead of schedule. Please check in with our EDC Stage Manager.  

​All entries must perform in the order of the program, unless given permission by the Elite Dance Challenge Director or Stage Manager. Should a routine miss their appointed performance time will result in a being adjudicated only and not eligible for category placement. 

​Music must be submitted 2 weeks in advance through your Dance Bug Account.

​In the event that a performance is not completed, the routine is allowed to perform again for critique only, these routines are not eligible for category placement or overall awards. (The exception is for circumstances out of the dancers control such as technical, music, light or production issues)


​Elite Dance Challenge, its directors or its staff will not be held responsible for any injury or loss of property to contestants, parents, teachers, or any member while attending any Elite Dance Challenge Event.

Elite Dance Challenge reserves the right to change, update or modify any rules and regulations at any time. 

We're here to help make your registration process and easy one!

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