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Dreaming of 2021

It's been a hot minute since our last post and with the goal of writing each week..(oooops) Here we are - Let's talk about 2021!

What's is going to look like?

How will it feel?

Can we make it work?

First things first - How awesome is the dance industry? We have been following along with all of you as you navigate your way through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Dance Community has been doing it with class, keeping today's dancers as safe as possible. The measures studios have put into place is simply top notch. Sanitization, class sizes, condenses schedules, social dist-dancing! As new parents ourselves there is not place we'd feel more comfotable sending our kiddo to get the exercise, social interaction, mental and physical stimulation that kids need day to day than a dance studio. So BRAVO Dance Studios you're doing your part in keeping your community safe and respecting the restrctions! You can check out the amazing Dance Safe Ontario Facebook Page for all the latest infromation about how The Dance Community is going above and beyond!

We have been connecting with our clients who are scheduled to attend our 2021 Tour in the spring over the past few weeks and we're all so optimistic that events are going to run. We are meeting next week via Zoom to discuss such topics as:

Refunds, Studio Blocked Scheduling, Categories, Lifts, Classifications and more!

This is going to be a great way to get everyone on the same page and help us as a business continue to provide the best options for our clients and the safest MOST fun events for our dancers.

To help you get an idea of how we see event running here are some of the protocol we're putting into place:

Your entire studio will do pre covid screening. You're likely used to this by now from school, dance and any other extracurricular activity you might do! We'll also have a temperature check zone upon arrival.

As of right now we think the safest way to get you on stage in through Blocked Studio Scheduling! You'll enjoy the comfort of the theatre with your teammates and teacher. The venue will be thoroughly sanitized before you arrive and even during your stay with us.

The stage will be set, the judges ready and the music pumping! After your studio completes their performances we will sanitize and welcome the next studio in for their turn to perform!

Masks will be MANDATORY unless you're onstage or practicing social distancing in our rehearsal space. Our staff will be wearing masks, sanitization stations everywhere you name it - We're doing it!

We're hoping by the spring that your families will be able to watch in the auditorium while practicing social distancing! BUT if not we've got you covered - LIVE STREAM baby! We've been providing amazing HD Live Stream for a few seasons now! DRC and DanceBug have us covered. You can log into the DanceBug App or Enjoy straight from the EDC website (and if you haven't noticed it recently got a little makeover)

Our online schedule will not only show you your times, but it will also let you know the entry numbers of your fellow competitors so you can log into the livestream and check out the competition! If we can be together in person - The Healthy competitive atmosphere that Elite Dance challenge is know for will be brought to you LIVE in the Virtual world!

Small Adjudications for your studio will take place after your block. Placements will be posted on our website and Overalls will be announced LIVE on the Elite Dance Challenge Live Stream Final Awards Show! Grab your pop corn and closest family members in your bubble and enjoy the show.

Your awards can either be picked up by a studio representative at the end of the event or Elite Dance Challenge will get them sent directly to you studio!

Our judges will be ready for you! They understand that things are going to look different! They will be ready to guide you, inspire you and give you the best feedback possible.

Imagine this - If we all do our part in following the guidelines set out by the government - Maybe we could see events return to their amazing original format sooner than later! We encourage you to continuing wearing your mask, social distancing and keeping your contact outside of your bubble to a minimum. We CAN do this!

We can't wait to get you on the EDC Stage! We'll be here - Wearing our masks & counting down the days until we see you shine!


Katie - Director

Elite Dance Challenge

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