EDC Hamilton

Studio Codes
A   Innovative Rhythm Dance Studios
B   The Dance Station
C  Jennifer's Arts In Motion
D  The Dance Connection
E   Connections Dance Collective
F   Powerhouse Dance Company
G  The Dance Movement
H   Steps Performing Arts
J   Rugcutterz Danz Artz
     CM Dancing
     Sean Boutilier - Hannah Morris

Age Divisions
Munchkin Division 6 & Under
Mini Division 7-10yrs
Junior 11-12yrs
Teen 13-14yrs
Senior 15 and Over


Scoring Breakdown
Diamond 94.00 and Up
Platinum 92.00 to 93.99
Elite Gold 88.00 to 91.99
Gold 87.99 and Under


Category Placements

Novice Category Placements

Division 1 Category Placements

Division 2 Mini Category Placements

Division 2 Junior Category Placements

Division 2 Teen Category Placements

Division 2 Senior Category Placements

Overall Awards

Novice Overalls

Division 1 Overalls

Division 2 Mini Overalls

Division 2 Junior Overalls

Division 2 Teen Overalls

Division 2 Senior Overalls

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