What's The Plan?

We are currently planning events as “normal” however we will be implementing all health and safety measures set out by the government, local municipalities and working side by side with our venues. 

  • On Site Temperature Checks

  • COVID Screening prior to attending the event. 

  • Masks will be worn by all EDC Faculty and Staff

  • Sanitization Station throughout the venue

  • Professional Fogger and Sprayers on site for frequent cleaning of the stage, backstage and common areas. 

  • Backstage will be limited to dancers only and 1 Studio representative 

  • Award Ceremonies will be modified to accommodate the current health and safety guidelines (I.e.: 1 Dancer per routine, or Awards will be streamed live on our website and on the DanceBug App) 

  • Separate Studio Dressing Rooms 

  • Socially Distanced Auditorium & Rehearsal Space

  • Lengthened Breaks to assure the venue is cleaned thoroughly on a frequent basis 

  • Limited # of Entries per location. 

  • Audience attendance may be limited – Will be determined based on current government guidelines and venue protocol 


WHAT IF? If we are faced with attendee restrictions, we could see the following protocols put into place to get our dancers on stage competing: 


  • Studio Block Performance Times

  • Separate Age Group Days/Sessions

  • Virtual Option for studios not comfortable attending.  Routines will be played right on our video wall in their regular category timing.  We will work with you to have a professional videographer come to your studio to record your routines. 

  • Awards will be available for pick up by a studio representative or delivered to your studio. 


2021 is going to look different, awards will be different, categories may look different.  At the end of the day our goal is to get the kids on stage to perform, be inspired by our judge’s critiques and continue to grow as performers!  As day to day challenges and changes arise, we will be updating our plans to match those measures, rest assured that we will be working around the clock to keep informed and updated. 


If full events aren’t able to run, we have put the following plans into action as potential options moving forward.  We will determine which of the following options will be put into action as we’re updated on current event guidelines and protocol.  


  1. Scheduling to accommodate protocol (Studio Blocks, Separate Age Group Days/Sessions, Virtual All Options to be determined based on current guidelines)

  2. If we’re not able to have groups compete then we’ll move forward with a Solo/Duo/Trio Competition (Scheduling to reflect current guidelines and protocol) 

  3. If we are not able to run Duo/Trios – Solo Event (Schedule Based on current guidelines)

  4. Virtual Competition Option 

  5. Summer Alternate Dates will be confirmed as Final Option




In the event our regular scheduled event are:

  1. Moved to the alternate summer date your balance will be transferred at 100% along with your entries. 

  2. Changed to solo/duo/trio – You will receive a refund of the remaining balance prior to the event minus a small administrative fee of 3%

  3. Changed to Solo’s Only – You will receive a refund of the remaining balance prior to the event with a small administrative fee of 3%


As mentioned above events are going to look different!


We are here to listen to your needs, accommodate your requests and work together to make 2021 happen!  If you have suggestions, questions or just need support we are back in the office, refreshed and excited to get the season rolling. 

If you have questions please contact us or if you are a parent or dancer please have your studio director reach out!